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Sing for you [SeLu]

Sing for you
Luhan/Sehun | PG | 700 words | Drabble

Summary: When Sehun stands on the big stage, he knows he couldn’t have done it without Luhan.
alternatively the hunhan sub unit that never was but still broke my heart

Sing for you

매일 너무 감사 그대가 있어서
신께서 주신
Everyday I am thankful that you are with me,
My gift that God gave to me

Sehun barely remembers a time when Luhan wasn’t beside him.

Ever since he was just a scared child standing in the corner of a big dance studio, watching in awe as the older boys practiced and thinking that he could never be as good, Luhan had been there. Don’t worry, they have been training for years already, the boy with bleached hair and sparkling smile had said, I can help you with the moves if you want to.

And what started with a night of practicing a single choreography, became years of dancing in the same rhythm.

It was no surprise to anyone when they eventually debuted, finally standing together on the big stage, just the two of them. And Sehun remembers looking at the boy next to him, thinking that he couldn’t have done it with anyone else.

Even now, after years’ worth of comeback stages, promotions and breaking records after another, their bodies still move to the same beat in perfect synchronization. Sehun doesn’t have to actually see Luhan to know where the man is or how his eyes are burning with passion as he ends the song with another clear high note. In some ways, Sehun knows Luhan’s body better than his own.

After performing a couple songs more from their new album, they settle down to give a short interview.

At this point, Sehun already knows what the audience wants. He sits down on the couch, knees brushing and shoulders bumping with Luhan’s. When Sehun gives Luhan his warmest smile, filled with puppy love and happiness, someone in the crowd screams.

They have been doing it for so long that the lingering touches and stolen glances come naturally. Sometimes Sehun finds himself reaching for Luhan’s hand in the privacy of their dormitory too, curling up to the man’s chest during their long movie marathons and finding peace in the fingers playing with his hair.

Yes, we do sometimes shower together. It saves time! Luhan laughs and the cameras flashing in the audience capture every second of it.

The words may be an act but the thumb caressing Sehun’s thigh isn’t.

We are almost done for the day, Luhan leans in to whisper, close enough so that the microphones won’t catch it, Smile for me, okay? And how could Sehun not to when Luhan’s giving him his genuine smile. Not the one sculpted for photoshoots and interviews, but the one he wakes up with on those rare days off, cheek pressed on Sehun’s bare chest and legs tangled around the sheets.

Sehun can feel the exhaustion weighing down his moves as the broadcast finally ends a few questions later and they give their final bows to the audience and hosts. They make their way home quietly in the safety of darkness. There aren’t any stars on the sky but Luhan draws his own onto the frost on the car’s window while Sehun rests his head on the man’s shoulder.

After a brief shower, Sehun finds his way to Luhan’s bedroom and the king sized bed there, leaving his own bed in the next room untouched. Luhan follows just minutes later, turning off the lights and seeking warmth from the thick covers.

Just before he drowses off, Sehun feels a touch of warm lips on his temple. Goodnight.

He opens up his eyes just enough to locate Luhan’s hand in the moonlight and laces their fingers together. Goodnight, Lu.

And they both fall into a safe sleep with their hearts beating just a tad faster. Because their love is in the little brushes of skin and soft words shared between just the two of them, not in grand gestures and sappy lines caught on camera for the world to see.

inspired by a chat with my pal chesca. we cried and wondered what kind of subunit hunhan could have been. @sm i'm bitter
sing for you has the prettiest lyrics ever and i listened to it nonstop while writing this
tumblr twitter #myheartfullofselu

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