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Angst, angels, fantasy and bad sex. Oh, and SeLu.
Believe or not, sometimes I actually write about other pairings too.

arranged according to length from newest to oldest. if you want to search for a specific pairing, use ctrl + F. though there aren't that many different pairings (i hope you enjoy selu).

currently a bit empty but maybe someday.


Drabbles (under 1k)

Sing for you [PG]
Luhan/Sehun | Romance
When Sehun stands on the big stage, he knows he couldn’t have done it without Luhan.
Suffocating [PG-13]
Luhan-centric | Angst
there’s an end to everything and Luhan’s not sure if he’s horrified or hopeful.


One-shots (under 20k)

Shooting kisses [PG]
Luhan/Sehun | Basketball!AU
Luhan might be suave on the basketball court, but that’s pretty much where it ends.
Of potions and catboys [PG]
Luhan/Sehun | Catboy!Sehun
In a small cottage at the outskirts of a town, lives a well-known sorcerer with his catboy familiar.
Your moves aren't very effective (but I guess you're my type after all) [PG]
Luhan/Sehun | Pokémon!AU, fluff
Luhan has always had a soft spot for everything cute and pink.
Borderline [PG-13]
Luhan/Sehun, side!Sekai and Lukai | Romance, Angst, Dystopian!AU
Sehun’s been looking at Jongin for his whole life but he never realized it was Luhan he was looking for.
What doesn't kill you [R]
Luhan/Sehun | Angst
“You are so beautiful when you swim,” Lu Han whispered, cornering Sehun into the shallow end of the pool. His breath was hot in Sehun’s ear and hands run down on his chest and ribs, mapping their way with faint goosebumps. “I’m going to make you the best of them all.”


Long fics (over 20k)

coming soon


Chaptered fics (mutiple parts)

coming soon

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